After graduating from university in the summer of 2010 with a First Class Honours in Visual Arts. I have also recently completed an MA in Creative Education.


For the past few years my practice has revolved around old unwanted books. As an artist they are my perfect media, and provide me with so much inspiration and creativity. I explore the structural possibilities of these books through a variety of cuts and folds. Transforming the old books from carriers of text to objects of art.

For me it is the aesthetics and characteristics of the old books that encourages the creativity within, their old musty smells and textures, and their stained pages. It is also the possibility of the unknown... Have these books ever been appreciated for what they truly are? Have the pages ever been opened and read?

I transform the books into individual sculptures, many unique designs, which enables them to be admired. The story itself becomes abstract, as the viewer begins to pick out the words and letters, as they start to re-write the story through their own imaginations.

As a book artist and sculptor I regularly attend high end art fairs and book fairs with my work, giving people the opportunity to meet me as an artist and also buy my work too.

The International Book Fair at Leeds in 2010 was a great success for me, and resulted in my work becoming part of the collection at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds. This has to be one of the greatest achievements of my career to date.

I am forever pushing beyond the boundaries and physicality of books, continually finding new ways to alter and transform them. The possibilities are endless, and I find that books will always form a strong part of my artistic career.

I also spend a lot of my time teaching others and sharing my book art skills throughout the North West. From book sculptural workshops to book binding there is something for everyone. I deliver workshops in Primary schools, community centres, libraries, high schools and with larger arts organisations too. Workshops can be tailored to accommodate numbers and if there is a specific brief.