Kate Bufton

Artist and Arts Educator

About Me

Kate Bufton creates intricate and fragile paper sculptures from pages of timeworn books. Delicately assembled paper vessels enhance the books’ original beauty, whilst absent words – either stained or removed – highlight the damaging consequences of removing public libraries from our communities.

Kate transforms this familiar medium from a carrier of text to an object of art. The process of repetition, seen throughout many of her pieces, enables the artist to enter a trance-like state, in which she finds her mind to be most creative.

The combination of inks and paints applied freely mix together, each liquid following its own organic path before pooling together and absorbing into the paper’s surface. The final sculpture is sealed and preserved within wax, referencing the importance of protecting the arts within our libraries. Kate captures this moment in time so that it can be appreciated and admired by future generations to come. 

Paper Vessels

Ink on Paper


Kate has been working with local community groups, libraries, councils and different organisations for the majority of my teaching career. Delivering a variety of book arts workshops from folded book sculptures to book making and binding workshops too. These workshops can vary from small groups of 10-15 to large scale workshops up to 100 people. Do get in touch to discuss any workshop ideas you may have.

Kate has been delivering book arts workshops in schools for a number of years now, working with both Primary School Children and also High school students. The workshops that are delivered vary between book folding and handmade books, depending upon what it is the school is looking for. All Book Art workshops can be catered for and even linked to the schools curriculum. Kate usually deliver half day or full day sessions, or short Artist Residencies in and around the North West.

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